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    okay scary story time my sister hid this pic of Michael Jackson behind my pillow and when I lifted my pillow I saw this and I screamed so loud I can’t even handle looking at the pic omfg

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    1. Waitress: do you have any questions about the menu?
    2. Me: what kind of font is this?


  4. these two were my idols back in the day. i still can’t believe they’re both gone…


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    if you dont jump at the chance to get free stuff, what is wrong with you

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    I want GentleWhispering on YouTube to be my adoptive second mommy and tuck me in every night and make me food and teach me Russian because she is a delightful little pixie woman!


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  13. dutchster:

    when the doorbell rings and i know it’s the pizza guy


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    when you think your cramps are finished but then


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